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ACC 12 Volt SERVICES: Classic Car, AUTO TRUCK RV Industrial

ACC 12 Volt Services operates in Edmonton, offering low voltage wiring and electrical service, installation and repair, in a range of catagories:

AUTO/TRUCK - troubleshoot, isolate and eliminate wiring problems, even some of the most difficult problems have been solved right here after go arounds at mechanical shops. Some recent "problem solved repairs" were FIXED for a reasonable cost in the end, we were happy the customers were happy and ourreasonable bill was gladly paid. These situations remind us we are, in fact, a service the the public. We susbscribe to ALL-DATA and carry a line of service information in shop - using OE service schematics and can alert you on any published Technical Service Bullitons that may be applicable to your car or truck.

CLASSIC CAR ELECTRICAL - We offer complete electrical Fuse Block-Harness replacements for you Classic, Vintage, Antique, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Muscle Car era Street Machine - front to back, top to bottom NEW electrical system. We also partially restore all or any dash components, lighting fixtures, or any other electrical components including: Six Volt to twelve Volt Conversions, Alternator & Starters, Full Instrumentation upgrades, repairs, replacements for all new gauge clusters or replace/repair original guages, depending on availability, preference or budget. We have performed this on very Vintage 1930's to 1950's upto the Muscle Car era of the 1960's into the 1970's - on Mopars, Mustangs, Camaro's & Firebirds, Chevelles, El-Caminos, Beaumonts, Chevy IIs, AMCs, even import auto's like 240Zs and Jensen Healeys. Full replacement systems cause the car to run start and run better, lights are all full brightness, all switches function. Our harness replacements are soldered, shrink tubed, using proper crimps, OE style terminals such as Delphi/Packard style connectors on Mopar/GM and/or moulded connectors on Ford Products. We shop international suppliers to ensure we have the real connectors, rather that rely on local suppliers with their version or whats needed to complete the wiring resoration. Even all the bulb pigtails (& bulbs themselves) are replaced and every single function works right down to the last GEN or OIL light the way it was designed to do so. If a troubleshooting event arises, the problem is not over our heads to efficiently resolve the issue. Got a project in your garage? You may have plans for Paint & Body, Mechanical & Suspension, Interior upholstery - but don't forget to plan for the wiring! See our website Gallery for projects we have done, start to finish, top to bottom, end to end, towed in and drove out Classics that made us proud.

TRUCK & TRAILER - We also specialize in Trailer wiring and lighting. We carry a full line of Bargman Trailer products, 7 pin round professional grade connectors, for Industrial or RV applications. WE have installed complete new front to back flat deck trailer electrical - starting with front 7 pin connector, using indutry grade trailer cable ( 7 or 4 wire) Junction Box replacement or upgrade, through to the back and distributed in a totally sealed - soldered crimps/shrink tube, then insulated and cloth tape loom wrapped power distribution to the rear tail lights (Standard, or LED: 6, 10, 12 or more LED fixtures - flush or surface mounted) - to the selected type of new side marker lights (standard or LED, surface or flush mounted) - We use Grote, Truck Lite, PM or equivilant fixtures with the appropiate rubber grommets. We also service and install on baord batteries for Trailer Brake(s) - trailer Break away cable pull switches, and for special equipment such as hydraulic pump motors, HD BATT disconnects from TOW Vehicle for working trailers (on board DUMP) or other equipment. We have been recently commissioned to produce a solution for improved battery power performance in extreme cold working conditions and will be making an announcement soon on this our findings. MOBILE SRVICE AVAILABLE. If you company operation needs a 12 V Tech to get your sluggish equipment operating to capacity, give us a call!

RV ELECTRICAL: Including MOTOR COACH ELECTRICAL Issues. We service on board batteries, charging, electrical panels with multiple relay and circuit breaker circuits, gauge clusters, steering wheel controls, CRUISE CONTROL, radios, on board cameras, monitors, entertainmnet systems. In the coach we service the charge convertors, inverters, lighting, slide outs, and more. W can service roof top components, and while we are there even roof leaks! It is important to prevent roof leakage before it starts! Recent successful jobs inclueded BEAVERCOACH, MONACO, and more. On older coaches we can rebuild the dash wiring and cluster, repair all non-working electrical functions to once again operate, from lighting to wipers to heaters to starting and charging.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS - Harness repair, MS connectors using BENDIX, AMPTHANOL, we have access to full line of all industrial electronic replacement connectors and other components.

LIGHTING - We can install any kind of 12 Volt Lighting catered to your opeartions special needs. WORK LIGHTS, standard Halogen or LED from HAMSAR CANADA.


We carry PARTS & ACCESSORIES from the RV Industry, Automotive PARTS, Auto-electric, Automotive electronics, Restoration PARTS from the following (but not limited to)

AutoStart, Bargman, Clifford, Cole-Hersee, Cooper-Busman, Dorman, Fortin Auto Radio (Ifar), Jensen RV Stereo, Great-Plains Industries, I-Data link, Metra auto stereo Installation, PAINLESS WIRING, Pico Products, PowerBass Car Audio, PAC Audio, Pollack, SAMPLEX AMERICA, Standard Motor Products (SMP Auto Parts)


WE can SOURCE HARD to FIND (and not so hard to find - just not offered or contemplated by big autoparts counter personal) - WE CAN FIND IT. Now offering USED AUTO PARTS LOCATOR service. Other hard to finds such as light sockets and pigtails. Weatherpack connectors made in store for you. Battery/Ground cables also made right here. Our Prices better than competitive when you remove the price gouge element! Try US! (serious inquires only please- we do not tolerate competitor fake calls)

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