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Remote Starter Season is BACK

For Edmonton motorists ( & former Medicine Hat locals) who come to know (former) ACC AutoSound installation quality, I am here at your service. Picture quality, close as possible factory grade wiring management, installations procedures that does not resemble the works received at any typical installation shops around, especially the high-volume, quick as possible installs I have seen (and photographed) coming out of the biggest known names in the industry.

Why buy from an independent?

Quite simple: Reputation. As an independent automotive shop, specializing in automotive electronics installations and electrical our reputation is on the line for each an every job we do, (yours truly) . No offense to employees, but the employees at my big-box competitors would not last here, as quality and not quantity is our product. Independents are very sensitive to this fact. Transversely, our big box buddies are so much in the black, that if in the event a major malfunction does occur, and does, they can afford to do more and more advertising.

Experience Counts

Since 1992, yours truly has installed THOUSANDS of remote car start and security systems. The good ‘ol days of Command Start and Polar Start back in the 1990’s. Cars then were a lot more basic then, the technology used then hardly resembles the technology used today. Back then, a “key bypass” was a phrase not yet coined. However, first generation air bags were the new thing. We knew then, to stay clear of those bright yellow wrapped wires. Todays wiring harnesses, not so much. Extreme caution and care must be exercised when working around ‘SRS’ (Supplementary Restraint System) . I have heard of shop(s) caught in a careless moment of accidently deploying an airbag during the installation process.

Key Bypass

I often find myself explaining to potential customers the meaning behind the term “Key Bypass” . You may of called around to various shops, and have heard that term being used. Most of today’s cars, equipped in new models as early as 1999, came equipped with an anti-theft systems known as “transponder key” or “immobilizer key” . Chrysler owners may have been familiar with the term “Sentry key” – which all became more common from about the 2002-03 to 2005 models. Today virtually all models come equipped with their own form of this technology. For the independent installer, anti-theft really means anti-start.

In those years the remote start industry used a device called a “key in a box” – which was a transponder key, the key “head” portion, was placed inside a coil winding , that acts as an antenna ring, and in turn, wires up to the key “barrel” where this “box” – gets activated by command from the remote starter, and simulates, the key actually being in the ignition, which it isn’t.

Since then, mainly Canadian technology companies such as Fortin Auto Radio, from Montreal, and others have developed products that no longer require a “key” in a box, for many models as the aftermarket technology improves. Today, the “bypass” is achieved by data communication, especially in what the industry knows as “can-bus” technology.

Incidently, one of the early forms of necessary “key bypass” – is a familiar feature found on certain GM products dating back to the 1980’s. The ignition key has a “black chip” – that was of a selected resistance value. The IPC must then recognize the key being IN the ignition, or the car would not allow to start the engine. This system had graduated to PASSLOCK I, then later PASSLOCK II, then, PK-3, and so on. Ford just introduced a new system with a “80 Bit” key, identified by a “SA” stamped on the key. No such thing as just a mechanical cut key, but are electronically coded as well.

Obviously a very essential part of todays remote starters systems.


Compete with Big Box

Yes, we sure can! And have for decades now. How? The manufacturers prefer to have independents in business, as the nature of high quantity and mass sales can be a challenge to the attention to detail. As an independent who is an authorized dealer for certain brandnames, such as Clarion, or Viper, intentionally give the small authorized dealer a level playing field, in other words, similar in cost. Much to the dismay of some of the giants, who wish for you to be simply run out of business. But yours truly has stayed in business since 1992. We may not have the massive advertising budgets, but does possess skill and experience, that really is not found in retail store “associates” or sales persons.


YOUR CAR is in good hands

As an independent who prefers to stay in business, and serve the community with a high skill and expertise approach to your car, truck, RV, boat, utmost care is taken to ensure satisfaction of the job both both sides. I cannot be finished until I am personally satisfied the level of quality has been achieved and can rest assure trouble free operation takes over for the next months and years. If an unlikely malfunction does occur, we do offer a warranty well past the manufacturers warranty to cover against any future repair costs. I can tell you for years I have seen them go….and virtually never come back with issues.

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